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CNN: THomas L. Friedman

In this interview with Chris Cuomo, NYT Pulitzer Prize Winning Columnist, Tom Friedman describes his theory of the Age of Accelerations from this latest book Thank You For Being Late and he quotes Heather’s theories of our Future of Work Identity Crisis, which is also detailed in his book. Click here to watch the interview


Linkedin top voices 2017

In 2017, Heather was selected the #1 Global Voice for Education on the Linkedin Platform. Click here to read the article


DEloitte insights: future of work

Tom Friedman: My thoughts on the future of work are very influenced by my friend, a business strategist, Heather McGowan. She really describes that what’s going on is that work is being disconnected from jobs, and jobs and work are being disconnected from companies, which are increasingly becoming platforms. That’s Heather’s argument, and that is what I definitely see. Click here to read the full article.


Cisco Connected Futures: Relearning the Art of Learning: Heather McGowan

“Our systems of education have not changed very much from the Industrial Revolution,” said Heather McGowan, a thought leader at the intersection of education, business, and technology.

“The organizations that are learning and adapting are going to win,” McGowan believes. Read the full interview here


Vice Media: Empathy and Creativity Will Save Our Jobs In The Future

Issy Beech quotes Heather “We’re stuck in this paradigm of asking people what they want to be when they grow up, and asking university students what their major is, and asking each other what we do. Asking young people to think about the future when 65% of the jobs haven’t been created yet and half of existing work can be replaced by automation is becoming an increasingly ridiculous frame to put around things." Click here to read the full article 


Inc. Future of work: Heather McGowan

According to Future of Work Strategist Heather McGowan, a focus on certainty over creativity is coming at our peril. Read the full interview here. 


Forbes: The Future of Work and Our Social Compact

Academic entrepreneur and innovation strategist Heather McGowan, speaking at Amplify Festival 2015 in Sydney, Australia, described how jobs are over, and the future is income generation. The traditional life path of individuals has been as follows: we start under our parent’s safety net, then go through years of continuous education, before become productive members of the workforce and then finally retire back into the safety net of our own savings. This is idealized and based upon older lifelong employment ideals. Read the full article here.